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The New Money Masters

Hi There!

I haven’t been writing for over month, so time for some catching up!

Nowadays I’m working on a startup which I’m really excited about, so no affiliate marketing for now.

Another thing is, I started watching The New Money Masters DVD Series and I want to tell you about it.

The New Money Masters is a DVD Series created by Tony Robbins, wherein he interviews successful internet marketers who have made a fortune in this industry and continue doing so, while are focused on creating value rather than just making profit.

So the 12 Knights of the Round Table are:

  1. Jeff Walker
  2. Russell Brunson
  3. Mike Koenings
  4. Brendon Burchard
  5. Chet Holmes
  6. Chris Brogan
  7. John Carlton
  8. Marie Forleo
  9. Frank Kern
  10. Dean Jackson
  11. Eben Pagan
  12. John Reese

I recommend you get the series, even if you’re content-driven like me, and you just want the step by step 1-page guide, the profoundly inspiring conversations they are having can and probably will make a positive impact on you as they had on me.

Here’s the direct link :


THE ANSWER: Grow Any Business, Achieve Financial Freedom, and Live an Extraordinary Life

THE ANSWER covers both practical psychology and business, it includes useful techniques and strategies, case studies and personal stories.

But is it really THE ANSWER?

It is AN answer, a very important one, which I believe is crucial for success in any field, but to claim it is THE ANSWER is probably more of a marketing thing than a philosophical breakthrough.

What does it say?

On the psychological side, they’re talking about the same idea used by Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Bob Proctor, and of course many others; The one which is well-illustrated in the movie The Secret.

The Law of Attraction

There are many ways to phrase it, and even more ways to explain it.

My favorite phrasing is: What you put out is what you get back.

If you want something, act as if you already have it and are in that state;

Change your mindset and your brain-mind system to start attracting it to you.

Why does this work?

Well, you can laugh about it like this guy (love this video!)

Thing is, it HAS been demonstrated to work times and times again (Some cool evidence later on perhaps)

The explanations span from the biophysical level (R.A.S System in the brain) to the psychological level (subconscious programming) to the scientific level (vibration resonance and morpho-genetic fields) to the metaphysical level (Mirroring effect).

If you’re into spirituality, check out Gregg Braden’s ‘Lost Mode of Prayer’ which explains this well.

This blog isn’t about philosophy nor peak performance, so I’ll spare you the explanation.

I’m sharing this just to be open about my actions, not only on the business & finances side.

So What Do I Do?

Right, so to use this principle there are various techniques, they call their one

@Neural Reconditioning@ Tony Robbins calls his method @Neuro Associative Conditioning@

and Richar Bandler calls his @Neuro Linguistic Programming@

They are all unique,and yet are variations of the same principle when applied in this context.

Step 1

Get into an aware and focused meditative state (Sit quietly & focus on your breath)

*Tony Robbins is all about energy, so in his method you start walking and breathing like a beast.

Step 2

Visualize yourself in a position where you have and are all you want and desire.

In THE ANSWER they offer using affirmations, which you can also find on

Another thing they talk about is Vision Boards:

You take a big board, and you put pictures of the things that are what you want or represent them

(Business Growth, Intimate Love, Financial Freedom, Big House, etc’)

To remind yourself (Or your subconscious mind, the R.A.S system, the universal mind and what have you)

of what you want, and get into a state where you at least feel like you already have it.

*I think visualization is the most powerful tool and is more flexible in its use, so I don’t use vision boards.

How about a simple explanation?

If you do it in the morning, every morning, you’ll get:

A. Focus and Clarity on what you want, and Clarity is Power

B. Motivated and Driven, Visualization will get you excited to start acting on it.

This is not the end-all be-all, because, as they say:

If you’re interested, you’ll do what’s convenient.

If you’re committed, you’ll do whatever it takes.

So its not about getting all positive and say ‘how cool would it be if I’d have that’, its about making it a MUST and not a SHOULD.

When you get absolutely clear on why you HAVE to get that and not only want to, strategies come in.

What else does it say?

Since business, of any kind, is innovation + marketing, and:

Innovation is your part, their part is to provide you with some marketing strategies, they offer some in the book and at One Coach.

*Tim Ferriss also uses Negative Visualizations , which I think is great because to get yourself to do something – its about getting clear on why you absolutely HAVE to get it, be there, be it, and so on; and why you CAN’T STAND not getting it, being there, being it.

Here’s the Book

And here’s to an exciting, productive and fulfilling 2011.


Frank Kern, John Reese and Tony Robbins

Here’s the video, it’s gold.

Here are some powerful quotes of Tony:

What’s the holy grail between someone who is taking action and someone who isn’t ? It’s one word: CERTAINTY, when you’re absolutely certain that if I do this I am going to get that result, and that result is going to change my life, you’ll do it.

If it’s a MUST for you, you GOTTA make it work.

People can change their standards by getting around where its BETTER, people can change their standards by getting associated to whats true – like bills they gotta pay and the problems they have to solve, or they can do it because they are excited because there is something new they want to take on, everyone is different; but they got to find the WHY, and they got to come up with some DAILY RITUALS to get them going and just do a step at a time, that’s where you get MOMENTUM.

How do you produce certainty when the world isn’t giving it to you?

You get results in your head, that make you feel certain as if it had already happened.

Make it so today in not like yesterday

and tomorrow will be different forever

Laying the Ground

Today November begins;

I don’t  know what it entails but I will write about what happened last month

Click Bank Event 10.10

Went to a Clickbank event, learned a lot there & got inspired!

Got a chance to talk to Brad Wiskirchen, the CEO of Clickbank (who is a fan of Tony Robbins‘ work too)

Met a wonderful person named Daniel, who happens to be the CEO of iGiza and Shalgi-Shira.

Got to meet Soren Jordansen, a genius internet marketer, and change a few words with him.

Got some golden advice from people like Ran Aroussi and Ofer Shoshani and Dush Ramachandran.

Internet Marketing Seminar 10.14

Went with a good friend of mine, who happens to be the Founder of Buzz it Up!

To a seminar on internet marketing and landing pages, by Yud Koren

Learned new things, most importantly how to analyze whether a landing/squeeze page is productive or not.

Meeting 10.21

Took a train to Jerusalem and met with a very good & close friend of mine, who is also the CEO of Onelement

We had a splendid evening, at one point I told him about my plans for this year (this was before THE BET)

He said the ideas are great, which meant a lot to me because I wasn’t that confident.

My First Product 10.24

After listening to and reading stuff by Ran Aroussi and Philip Mansour,

I decided to buy my first product about internet marketing – Offshore Conquest.

Here’s to a new productive and exciting month!

*Drink Up*

Starting Point

Before we start-off I want to tell you about myself, so we have a fresh start.

I want you to know exactly what influenced my business-orientation in/directly.

My name is Ron; I’m 19 and live in Israel, serving in the IDF.

Here is a list of things I did in the past which might influence my success:


  • My blog on is relatively active for 3 years
    • Writing
    • Taking Perspectives
  • During college I had a website on for Math and Spirituality
    • Managing a Website
  • My YouTube channel is up & running for 2 years now
    • Providing Content


  • 3 years ago I was active in an MLM company
    • Experience in Marketing
    • People Skills
  • I read the 4 hour workweek by Tim Ferriss
    • Life Style Design
    • Productivity
  • I listened to Tony Robbins‘ ‘Get the Edge’ at least twice
    • Peak Performance
    • Power Strategies


  • In the 8th grade, I’d programmed 2 games with a friend of mine
    • Programming
    • Team Work
  • In the 9th grade, I’d built a ‘website’ with some friends for my school
    • Building a Website
    • Team Work
  • In the 11th grade I was part of a robotics-programming project
    • Team Work
    • Management & Leadership


  • 5 months ago I finished my first degree in Applied Mathematics
    • Analytical Skills
    • Studying Habits
    • Productivity
  • I was a private tutor for 3-4 years, teaching Math and Computers
    • Teaching Skills
  • For the past year I worked as a security-guard at times
    • Confidence
    • People Skills

Why does this matter?!

It is important to know what the challenge is, and being true to yourself.

Not less important is to know what you got, your skills and capabilities.

Facing the challenge is a starting point

but then the focus needs to move to the vision.

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