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Product Launching + Case Study

5 Reasons to do a product launch:

  1. Creating a brand
  2. Quick Income (In the U.S it can be 1 million$ in 1 day, in Israel 100000$
  3. Building a list (Out of 100000, 1000 bought the product, it’s a great list)
  4. Building a sales army (connecting with affiliates)
  5. Free traffic (since the payment to the affiliate is post-sale) instead of PPC, Media Bind or SEO.

Everyone can do a product launch to practically anything, though information products work best, especially those who claim to be (and are) life changing.

What to do?

Bring as many people to a specific website on a specific date and time

This is built on the idea of scarcity, when people see it will be off the market soon, they feel they have to get it. It’s a lot easier than creating a Google campaign or doing SEO.

How long does it take?

In the US it usually takes 2 month, in Israel it can be done in 3-6 weeks as well.

How much can you earn?

In the US an average launch makes 1 million$ on the first day, In Israel its 100000$.

Building a brand, and a list, and creating a 100000$ in one month – usually won’t work, but do not despair! Read on, we have a case study here.


Eben Pagan created a product on dating

Jonathan Budd – Internet Marketing Product.

Anik Singal created products on Self Development, Affiliate Marketing.

Each of them never makes a product before the product launch is over!

It’s called a Drip Campaign – You get details for a membership-based website, and you get content each week, so all you need to start is the first video.

You can think outside the box and be creative as to how to do this, in every field.

How to create a product?

Outsourcing works well (Use Elance, Guru, Click Bank, Wish List, Aweber)

To get started you may want to write an ebook, reports, or give out coupons (in exchange for someone to give his email).

All you need is a simple system which can give password-protected access to customers.

Invest the money in the marketing not the technology.

Why does it work?

  1. Opinion leaders – you use people who are credible affiliates or authorities in that area, who recommend you or your product. Just like every book on Oprah’s book club turns into a best seller overnight.
  2. Psychology – If there is a product, which we heard about from people we trust, which is running out, we’ll do whatever it takes to get it.vJust like Apple did with iPhone and iPad.

Product Launching is the simplest marketing strategy and is bullet proof – Mike Peters

Case Study: Product Launch

Health Information Product by Ayelet Rozenfeld

What did she do?

Built a mailing list (blog)

Started doing seminars & webinars – Became an ‘authority’

By 2009 created with a whole-day seminar, did it throughout 2010, and made her business official.

A month ago (this was December 8’th 2010) started the product launch process and doubled (!) her profits (in 1 month).

Pre-Pre Launch (Month before Launch)

Told her list she’s working on something new and she’s very excited, details soon.

Pre-Launch (Two weeks before launch)

She gave out lots of free valuable stuff via a webinar (promised gifts to the ones who join)

*You give them value in advance, and when they see the product – they jump on it

In the webinar she didn’t sell anything, only talked about the kit (the product) and she told them to be prepared for a specific date which will include something special – details later.

Offered to sign up for the special launch list and get the values and be ‘the first to know’.

In return you get the webinar recording + a video (which she’d only added a week later)

They were not packaged, but uploaded here:

She has a Facebook page and a blog (Starting pre-pre-launch post on November 2nd 2010)

Where she involved personal stories, and interacted with the readers, asked for their thoughts after the video (via mail) and created a relationship.

Here’s her Squeeze Page which she gave away:

(Built during the process – bonuses and testimonials came later)

The price was revealed just a day before!

And the mail – said that at 8.00 am the doors will open.

The page changes into this

The doors were open for a week, but people still changed their shifts at work in order to get it at 8 am!

The Numbers

78 products were sold at 1460 NIS, 30 on the first day. This equals 113880 NIS .

After the week was over, the product price changed to 1966 NIS.

She sent another email with pictures and asked the buyers to write their reasons for buying it as homework.

Did it all work as planned?

After all it was only 8 Audio CDs and 1 DVD…

She delayed the launch from 14 to 16 of November because the CDs weren’t ready!

One of the bonuses was the DVD of her cooking, but she didn’t get it on time – and sent them a whole month later!

Things don’t have to be perfect for it to work.

Every kit cost her just 200 NIS.

Source: Itay Paz’s webinars with Leon Jay, Mike Peters, Amir Harduf and Ayelet Rozenfeld.

Tim Ferriss on Marketing his Book

Click Here to Watch, David Siteman Garland interviewing Tim Ferriss.

The interview is great, a few things I picked up:

Soft marketing beats Hard marketing

If you market to 100 and get 5 people to write about you / your product:

The Hard Marketing way: 95 people hate you. 5 more people you owe a favor to.

The Soft Marketing way: 5 people willingly wrote about you + you create great relationships.

Online chatter beats offline media

When people talk about something online  and it spreads like wild fire, then the offline media will have to get into it for obvious reasons.

Relationships beat sophisticated PR campaigns

Nothing comes close both productively and emotionally to personal relationships; Probably the most important step to marketing his book was going to conferences and events, and making connections with people, occasionally sending them a copy of his book if they were interested, if not, other business & pleasure ideas sparked up.

His ‘PR Campaign’ consisted of paying for hotels and events, and sending out copies in advance

By the way if you haven’t read The 4 Hour Workweek yet, then:

What are you waiting for?

Click here for more key points from the interview

Why Internet Marketing?

Here are the 4 types of people in the world of business:

Business Types

Money can be made and fulfillment can be achieved in any quadrant.


80% of people are E & S and have 20% of the money.

20% of people are B & I and have 80% of the money.

Majority and minority would be more accurate terms; I guess numbers are more impressive.

Where am I now and where do I want to be?

E is for Employee

Technically, I’m an employee for the IDF; I will probably be fulfilled in my military service.

On the other hand, I might not achieve financial freedom as quickly as I’d want to.

S is for Self-Employed

I can be self-employed, as I was in the past, and do things like private teaching, personal training, article translation, and these are all great, fun & profitable.

I want flexibility, to serve others, and to not necessarily be dependent upon them.

Internet marketing looks like it pretty much fits the description, you market products/services (later on about how this works) and get paid for it. You can do it in the middle of the night, sitting in the train, you can stop doing it for a while, and it still works.

+ I love the internet and I love marketing, as long as it’s not in someone’s face.

What about B?

I had some experience with B since I had a business of Network Marketing, it didn’t work out that well, I don’t regret it, a lot was learned and experienced, wouldn’t take back one dime.

I also have an idea (at least one) for a start-up company, but I just don’t feel it’s time yet.

What about I?

Investing is probably the best way to earn money if you already have some / an income.

I invested once, but since I don’t have an income now, this will wait.

Laying the Ground

Today November begins;

I don’t  know what it entails but I will write about what happened last month

Click Bank Event 10.10

Went to a Clickbank event, learned a lot there & got inspired!

Got a chance to talk to Brad Wiskirchen, the CEO of Clickbank (who is a fan of Tony Robbins‘ work too)

Met a wonderful person named Daniel, who happens to be the CEO of iGiza and Shalgi-Shira.

Got to meet Soren Jordansen, a genius internet marketer, and change a few words with him.

Got some golden advice from people like Ran Aroussi and Ofer Shoshani and Dush Ramachandran.

Internet Marketing Seminar 10.14

Went with a good friend of mine, who happens to be the Founder of Buzz it Up!

To a seminar on internet marketing and landing pages, by Yud Koren

Learned new things, most importantly how to analyze whether a landing/squeeze page is productive or not.

Meeting 10.21

Took a train to Jerusalem and met with a very good & close friend of mine, who is also the CEO of Onelement

We had a splendid evening, at one point I told him about my plans for this year (this was before THE BET)

He said the ideas are great, which meant a lot to me because I wasn’t that confident.

My First Product 10.24

After listening to and reading stuff by Ran Aroussi and Philip Mansour,

I decided to buy my first product about internet marketing – Offshore Conquest.

Here’s to a new productive and exciting month!

*Drink Up*

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