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The New Money Masters

Hi There!

I haven’t been writing for over month, so time for some catching up!

Nowadays I’m working on a startup which I’m really excited about, so no affiliate marketing for now.

Another thing is, I started watching The New Money Masters DVD Series and I want to tell you about it.

The New Money Masters is a DVD Series created by Tony Robbins, wherein he interviews successful internet marketers who have made a fortune in this industry and continue doing so, while are focused on creating value rather than just making profit.

So the 12 Knights of the Round Table are:

  1. Jeff Walker
  2. Russell Brunson
  3. Mike Koenings
  4. Brendon Burchard
  5. Chet Holmes
  6. Chris Brogan
  7. John Carlton
  8. Marie Forleo
  9. Frank Kern
  10. Dean Jackson
  11. Eben Pagan
  12. John Reese

I recommend you get the series, even if you’re content-driven like me, and you just want the step by step 1-page guide, the profoundly inspiring conversations they are having can and probably will make a positive impact on you as they had on me.

Here’s the direct link :

Frank Kern, John Reese and Tony Robbins

Here’s the video, it’s gold.

Here are some powerful quotes of Tony:

What’s the holy grail between someone who is taking action and someone who isn’t ? It’s one word: CERTAINTY, when you’re absolutely certain that if I do this I am going to get that result, and that result is going to change my life, you’ll do it.

If it’s a MUST for you, you GOTTA make it work.

People can change their standards by getting around where its BETTER, people can change their standards by getting associated to whats true – like bills they gotta pay and the problems they have to solve, or they can do it because they are excited because there is something new they want to take on, everyone is different; but they got to find the WHY, and they got to come up with some DAILY RITUALS to get them going and just do a step at a time, that’s where you get MOMENTUM.

How do you produce certainty when the world isn’t giving it to you?

You get results in your head, that make you feel certain as if it had already happened.

Make it so today in not like yesterday

and tomorrow will be different forever

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