Do you know what you don’t know?

This is something to do every once in a while, a self-check called

What Do You Know?

Socrates, the super smart and cool guy who was probably just too much for the Athenians who decided to poison him, once said:

“The only real wisdom is to know you know nothing”

It is vital to assess what we know and want to know and not to think ‘we all that.

What Are Depth & Span?

My general approach always includes both depth and span.

Depth: going more and more into what I’m passionate about and am into at the moment.

Span: opening my mind and heart to other opportunities I’m not aware of or into right now.

If it weren’t for Depth, I wouldn’t be that good at anything and as much interested and excited about things I do. There’s always more depth, something new to learn, experience and integrate.

If it weren’t for Span, I wouldn’t be writing this, to get out of the cultural hypnosis and childhood conditioning – this is probably the most important thing you can do, be an intelligent Yes Man (or Woman), and say Yes to any opportunity to expand and grow.

This means that I will continue diving into Internet Marketing and Investing, as these are things I chose to focus on (Depth) AND simultaneously I will expand my perspective, knowledge and experience, through books, seminars, interesting people, etc.

New book review coming up.

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